250kg European Type Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley

250kg European Type Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley

250kg CZPTpean Sort CZPT Chain CZPT with CZPT Trolley

CZPT focus in production BMG electric powered chain hoist, CZPTpe variety wire rope hoist, BM electric chain hoist, Crane geared motor, Stop carriage ,Manual chain hoist.

CZPT manufacturer goods contain:
* BMG electric chain hoist from 125kg to 1ton
* CZPTpe sort wire rope hoist from three.2ton to 80 ton
* BM electrical chain hoist from 250 kg to 50ton
* Crane geared motor
* Stop carriage
* Handbook chain hoist
Functions of CZPTpean electric powered chain hoist :
1. Gearbox–-Routine maintenance-free of charge.operating-degree for M6.BM electric chain hoist with a rated service lifestyle of 1990full load hrs.In sensible phrases.this indicates the support existence is extended by approx.20%.the helicalgearling inside the gearbox also lowers functioning sounds and offer clean procedure
two. Brake—-Upkeep-free of charge.because of minimum put on.adjustment is not required.The brake is enclosed in enclosed in the electrical panel and provides double safety from the components

3. Slip cluthch—Upkeep-free.Built-in begind the brake in the power generate.it supplies reliable safety towards overload.Integrated slip clutch checking helps prevent premanent demage to the slip clutch

4. Top adjustable management pendanl cable—-The duration of the management cable.
Therefore.the suspension peak of the control pendant can be infinitrly varied for a hook route selection of two-5mand five-8m.The surplus handle cable is accommodated guiding the services protect

five. Handle—24V contactor manage.working restrict switches 

6. Metal chain—A specific CZPT chain of large-toughness.Hardened age-resistant substance.Galvanized and other suface-treatments are CZPT to safeguard against distinct hostil environments

seven. Suspension bracket—-BM hoists are provided with limited and lengthy suspension brackets as standard and can constantly be hooked up to the super-construction with the ideal connectin

8. Housing—Robust and lightweight die-cast aluminium housing of compact and modern industrial layout.Automtive paint.to supply a lot more prolonged-time period defense

nine. CZPT motor—High-performance motor with huge basic safety reserves even at higher ambient temperatures and in prolonged operation.Making use of 2 hoist speed with 1:four velocity ratio and frequency Manage to multi-speed specifications

ten. Chain drive—The device is a complete assembly consisting of the chain and chain guide which facilitates quick and effortless substitute of the total chain generate CZPT obtaining to take away the otor or gear components.Downtime can for that reason be reduced significantly.The chain drive is made up of hugely use-resistant components for long service life

11. Chain collector box—Suspended from a pivoting connection,is created of tough,versatile and notably influence-presistant plasticcapacity for up to 8m hook route ,A adaptable chain container for chain lengths up to 40m as well as specific lengths up to 120m

12. Base block—Cozy hook gadget by hand For enhanced ergonomic dealing with of the hook. The hook following forging processing to make excellent-strength,hooks rotate by 360 levels,a specifically designed protection tongue,to guarantee safe operetion.
CZPT technical specs:

                              CZPT Producer CZPT
 Capacity 1000kg
Lifting top 3m
 CZPT Speed 8/2m/min
 Test load 1500kg 
 Voltage 220v to 440v, 50/60hz , 3 phases
 Upper & Lower Restrict Switches Yes
 Self Centering Chain Xihu (West Lake) Dis. Of course
 Chain  FEC80 Japan chain 
 Chain is Surface Hardened  Indeed
 Hook Kind CZPT
 Hook Security Latch Yes
 Hook Rotation 360 Levels
Twin Velocity Motor  Yes
 Motor Insulation   Class F
 Thermal Overload Defense Yes 
 Brake Sort DC brake 
 Self Modifying Brake  Yes
 Overload Slip Clutch Of course
 Working grade, FEM 2M+
 Lubrication Oil Tub
 Enclosure Type (Full CZPT) Out of doors Rated -IP55
Admirer ( Nylon ) Indeed
 Control Voltage 24V or 48V
CZPT human body components Aluminium
Chain bag ( Nylong) Of course
 Ergonomic Drive Button Style Of course

250kg European Type Electric Chain Hoist with Electric Trolley