Bq383 Catenary Shot Blasting Machine Tractor Motor Shell Rust Remover

Bq383 Catenary Shot Blasting Machine Tractor Motor Shell Rust Remover

BQ383 catenary shot blasting machine tractor motor shell rust remover

  the servicing and alternative of sporting components of the pellet blasting machine is straightforward, with good put on resistance and long services life.

1.Merchandise description

    Catenary variety shot blasting machine  is appropriate for cleansing or strengthening the surface of medium – and tiny-sized castings and forgings in casting, development, chemical, electrical, equipment instrument and other industries.
It is specifically ideal for surface cleansing and shot blasting of multi-range and small-batch castings, forgings and metal structural parts to take away a little sum of sticky sand, sand main and oxide pores and skin on the floor of the workpiece.
It is also suited for surface cleaning and strengthening of heat-dealt with areas, specifically for the thin and skinny wall components which are not appropriate for collision.

two.Product features

one. The equipment has the characteristics of sensible construction, reputable procedure and higher manufacturing effectiveness.

2. The equipment realizes automatic control of the whole machine by virtue of PLC electrical control, pellet manage gate and pellet conveying fault detection, so as to have the characteristics of large efficiency, very good reliability and automation diploma.

three. The blasting chamber physique is welded by part metal and metal plate into a box framework with high strength and no vibration.

four.  The dust removal program adopts the existing intercontinental pulse backblow dust remover, which totally fulfills the specifications of modern environmental defense dust elimination.

five. The workpiece provider adopts gantry composition, which can assure the barrier-cost-free and constant conveying of the workpiece below the catenary, so as to meet up with the cleansing specifications and operation protection of the workpiece to the greatest extent.

six. The separator Employs the total curtain separator, the separation impact is excellent. The separation effectiveness of pellet, slag and dust reaches 99%.

seven. The workpiece conveying adopts the step via technique, the consumer can alter the blasting cleaning time according to the specifications of different workpiece, in order to management the productiveness and cleansing quality.

three. Parameter

BQ383 catenary shot blasting equipment tractor motor shell rust remover
Parameter Unit BQ383/BQ483 BQ385/BQ485 BQ4810
Dimention of the workpiece mm Φ800*1200 Φ1000*1500 Φ1000*2500
Function station / two 2 6
Amount of blast wheel kg 4 four 6
Abrasive circulation rate kg/min 6*250 six*250 six*250
Energy of blast wheel kw 6*15 6*fifteen 6*15
Greatest loading excess weight of solitary hook kg three hundred 500 one thousand
Productiveness h 30-60 thirty-sixty forty-sixty
Dimension of the blast space mm 7680*2000*2900 7680*2000*2900 7680*2000*3800
Total ventilation m³/h 20000 21000 25000
Total energy kw 73.15 seventy three.15 114.72

4. Impact

five. Layout spotlight

1. Device composition: suspension steady through kind.

2. High – performance shot blasting system using multi – strand projectile stream with high projectile velocity and strong projectile density.
   (1)  four domestic higher-performance shot blasting equipment are selected and arranged according to the projectile coordinates to shorten the cleaning time and boost the        cleaning quality.
   (two) when the workpiece is continuously managing to the indoor projectile projectile shooting region, each area of the human body is cleaned by continuous and uniform projectile      shooting from various directions.
   (3) the complete cleaning approach is carried out in a closed cavity.

three. The use of big plate cavity cleaning area, increase the servicing, procedure surroundings, boost the total use influence.
   (one) the cleansing space is geared up with roomy routine maintenance doorway.
   (two) it is conducive to boost the indoor dust removal result.
   (3) be secured from the high temperature assault brought on by the long-time operation of the shot blasting unit.
   (four) lessen the dress in of indoor hanging instruments and their protective plates.
   (five) thoroughly clean indoor inset use-resistant plate security, not only to increase the support daily life of the chamber, but also to increase the amount of projectile rebound, boost the     strength and impact of cleaning.

4. CZPT chain
    (one) the conveying speed can be adjusted by frequency conversion and operate in reverse CZPT cleansing.
    (2) the top seal adopts labyrinth seal.

five. Projectile circulation method
    (one) undertake foreign engineering to increase the general function of hoist, separator and screw conveyor, and give full perform to the cleansing purpose of shot blasting device.
    (two) entirely enclosed pellet feeding program and automatic pellet gate are adopted.

6. Undertake a assortment of new buildings and sealing resources, enhance the sealing impact and power.
   (1) at the two ends of the cleaning place, there are multi-layer pellet steel plastic plates equivalent to the axis of the roller desk at the inlet and outlet of the workpiece to prevent       the pellet and dust from splashing out of the chamber.
   (two) the servicing doorway has robust sealing defense measures.
   (three) new and dependable sealing composition and resources are utilized at the joint of hanger and cleaning place to guarantee good sealing result.

seven. Environmentally friendly way of working, no dust, no air pollution of the functioning area, delivering a clean operating surroundings.
   (1) noise ≤93dB
   (2) dust emission concentration < 100mg/m3

6. Company Details

    HangCZPT BONZER CZPT CO., LTD. Is a expert producer of computerized sandblasting equipment, conveyor sandblasting equipment, by means of sandblasting machine, large roller computerized sandblasting machine, little rotary sandblasting device, manual sandblasting equipment, wheel wheel handbook sandblasting machine, mold sandblasting device, crawler burr equipment, derusting sandblasting equipment.

    We have full gear, strong complex drive, with contemporary processing and tests signifies and a long time of manufacturing expertise. Skilled development and production of a variety of blasting cleaning equipmentSand treatment method equipmentWear-resisting, heat-resistant, shock-resistant alloy castings, and many others., are extensively used in metallurgy, machinery, building, shipbuilding, casting mining and other industries.

    Our items are bought properly in much more than twenty provinces and cities throughout the place.HangCZPT BONZER CZPT CO., LTD.   Integrity,   energy and merchandise high quality of the industry identified.Welcome friends from all walks of existence to go to, assistance and
company negotiations. 

six. FAQ

Q: Are you a trading business or a manufacturer?
A: We are factories.

Q: What requirements are you carrying out for your products?
A: We make in accordance to the CZPT and ISO14001 principles.

Q: What is the MOQ?
A: 1 established.

Q: How extended is your supply time?
A: It is normally five-fifteen working times following receiving your payment.

Q:What are your terms of payment?
A: TT, 30%deposit + 70% well balanced just before shipment.

Q: Can I visit your manufacturing facility?
A: Yes, of training course. You can come and have a check out at any time.


Bq383 Catenary Shot Blasting Machine Tractor Motor Shell Rust Remover