Chain Conveyor Scraper Low Broken Buhler Type Price Cost

Chain Conveyor Scraper Low Broken Buhler Type Price Cost

Solution Description

TGSS Collection Chain CZPT is ideal for conveying granular material and substance in modest particle size. It can be used for conveying finished and half-completed products from raw cereals in processing factories, specifically ideal for conveying oil materials in oil processing plants, as well as conveying of raw cereals in cereal depots., There are a few type Chains for Chain conveyor to use at different purposes, Sleeve Roller Chain, Forged variety Chain, and round linking chain.



Full capability scale, can supply consumers with 3-1000t / h manufacturing.

High output, low strength use, less content return, effortless routine maintenance.

Compact design, conserving ground area.

Push device with hollow shaft mounted geared motor.

Great sealing, minimal noise, lower residue.

The operating elements are laser-lower, mechanically bent and welded.

There are three kind chains: Forged variety Chain, Ring linking chain and Sleeve Roller Chain, for different purposes.

The unloading port can be outfitted with a self-clear gate.

Variety of true-time stability defense, can be outfitted (optional) with speed measurement, anti blocking and other security gadgets.

Ideal for ongoing horizontal conveying of supplies which is utilised at ports, docks, grain depots, rice mills, flour mills, grain oil factories and food factories.



CZPT Parameter


Pace (m/s)

Capacity (t/h)









fifty~a hundred



80~a hundred and sixty










Merchandise Photograph

Chain conveyor head

Chain conveyor tail Tensioning mechanism

Round linking Chain, substantial power specially design for rice, the most much less broken era.

Packing Supply

First, the brown rice is fed to rice polisher through screw head. the surface area of the rice grain is polished by friction underneath a certain force and temperature. By way of the sharpening treatment method, not only the floating surface of the rice grain can be cleared, but also the starch is pregelatinized and gelatinized on the surface of the rice starch, and the starch gelatinization helps make up for cracks, therefore obtaining the sleek appearance, bettering the storage lifestyle of the rice, as a result polished rice is extremely required.


Our Provider

[Consulting Service] Our advisor gives you with pre-sales knowledge consulting services, method analysis, delivering the very best engineering answer

[CZPT Service] Set up specific task staff of complex, set up and product sales for you. to design, set up and commissioning a comprehensive set of equipments, whole method tracking support.

[Training Provider] Our authorities in technological innovation and administration offer you long phrase generation, procedure, management, servicing and other expert skills training, to help you teach procedure, engineering, management personnel.

[CZPT Component Services] We supplies high-top quality and reliable first add-ons. And the service centers also maintain retailer of a specified amount of widespread accessories to fulfill the demand of speedy provide.

[Web site services] Our service engineer goes deep into your internet site to solve useful troubles. Carry out on-site education on the use of merchandise and seek out for advancement of a new way of considering and approach to reduce price and improve effectiveness.



one. What is the supply time of this equipment if we e-book get correct now?

We will produce your get in 30-60days depend on diverse of equipment.

two. How do you pack this equipment for exporting?

We will provide packing which is suited for the agreed implies of transportation and for the foreseeable circumstances of storage at the spot.

three. How can we make inspection just before shipping and delivery?

We welcome you ship your inspection manager arrive to our manufacturing unit for inspection or you can nominate intercontinental the 3rd element inspection firm.

4. What is the warranty for your equipment?

If any defect or non-conformity arising from defective layout, materials, we shall get rid of problems or change machine.

5. What is the set up need of this machine?

The basis of the device must be with enough power to assistance the weight of the machine.

There need to be ample space around the equipment for routine maintenance and inspection.

Chain Conveyor Scraper Low Broken Buhler Type Price Cost