Hog Automatic Feeding Equipment for Pig Farm Machinery

Hog Automatic Feeding Equipment for Pig Farm Machinery

                             Automatic Feeding Program for Pig Farming


                                     What Pig Equipment CZPTest Source ?
  CZPTest offer total pig farm products if you create comprehensive pig farm task. We can do full pig venture style,quotation, oversea install and right after product sales provide. 
  If you are pig farm products distributor, we also can offer varieties of pig feeder, pig nipple drinker, kinds of pig stall,pig plastic slats etc., for you to resell in your marketplace. 
one].Pig automated auger tube feeding method
two].Pig automatic chain circle feeding program
three].Pig feed silo storage and feed delivery system
four].Pig Feeder[dry and soaked feeder/stainless double variety feeder/sow feed trough/piglet feeder/sow meter dispenser/fattening pig feed dropper etc., ]
five].Pig Ingesting method/Pig nipple drinker
six].Pig stall program[sow gestation stallpig farrowing cratespig nursery stall pig pvc panel]
7].Pig plastic or cast iron slats ground
eight].Pig house environment handle technique[ventilation fancooling padair inletgas heating etc., ]
9].Pig house manure eliminate and fermentation program


Pig Feed auger tube feeding line program
  Usually use in fattening pig property, the motor travel the feed auger shipping the feed from feed silo drop to each and every pig feeder by means of feed dropper. 
  Generally 90mm Pvc feed tube+70mm feed auger or 75mm Pvc feed tube+60mm feed auger


Pig Feed Chain circle feeding line system
  Usually use in sow or farrowing residence, the motor travel the feed chain shipping the feed from feed silo drop to sow feed trough by means of sow feed dispenser. 
  Use 60mm galvanized feed pipe+42mm feed chain-disc.


As the sow gestation and sow farrowing want meter feed amount So need to have use the meter dispenser
As the fattening pig and piglet house no require meter feed amount So just use feed dropper
              The information show of feed meter dispenser and feed dropper

CZPTest suppy total pig feeding program and types of pig feederpig stallpig plastic slats .
CZPTest is the specialist poultry and livestock farm equipment producer given that 1987 calendar year
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Hog Automatic Feeding Equipment for Pig Farm Machinery