Hot Sale 1060 Color Coated Aluminum Alloy Strip for Roofing Shutters

Hot Sale 1060 Color Coated Aluminum Alloy Strip for Roofing Shutters

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Item introduction
The manufacturing of aluminum ingots is composed of manufacturing hyperlinks this kind of as bauxite mining, alumina production, and aluminum electrolysis.
Due to the different attributes of the 3 sorts of bauxite, numerous alumina creation enterprises have adopted distinct production processes, mostly which includes Bayer method, soda lime sintering technique and Bayer-sintering mixed strategy. Typically substantial-quality bauxite is produced by Bayer technique, and lower-quality bauxite is produced by mixed approach or sintering strategy. Because of to its basic process and low energy consumption, it has grow to be the most crucial technique currently utilized in alumina creation, with output accounting for about 95% of global alumina creation. . Under the action of a strong recent, aluminum oxide electrolyzes aluminum metallic. This method is called electrolytic aluminum


Quality Chemical Composition   %
  Al≥ impurities ≤
    Si Fe Cu Ga Mg Zn Mn other folks Sum
Al99.9 ninety nine.90 .50 .07 .005 .02 .01 .571 .571 .10
Al99.85 ninety nine.eighty five .eighty .12 .005 .03 .02 .030 .015 .fifteen ninety nine.70 .ten .twenty .571 .03 .02 .030 .030 .thirty
Al99.six ninety nine.60 .16 .25 .571 .03 .03 .030 .030 .40
Al99.5 ninety nine.fifty .22 .thirty .571 .03 .05 .050 .030 .fifty
Al99.00 ninety nine.00 .42 .50 .571 .03 .05 .050 .050 one.00

•Mainly employed for melting ingot
•Discontinuous melting with scrap
•Easy control and procedure
•Fast melting
•Used for sector this kind of as auto,pinning and weaving,electron broadly and so on

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Hot Sale 1060 Color Coated Aluminum Alloy Strip for Roofing Shutters